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          Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes Group Co.,Ltd.

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          In 2015, I participated in the Arab International Pipe Exhib
          Release date:2016-10-31
          Promote the brand, show comprehensive strength, expand the international market, promote Sino-foreign cooperation, enhance the influence of Cang Lo steel pipe in overseas!
                                                 - In 2015 I participated in the Arab International Pipe Exhibition
              January 9, 2015 Cangluo Group participated in the Arab International Pipe Exhibition, the exhibition is located in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. By the Cang Lo Group General Manager Sun Guozhi carrying the Ministry of Foreign Trade staff to Dubai to participate in the exhibition.





                     Canglu workers arrived in Dubai, "the Arab International Pipe Exhibition" site.




                    The picture shows the pipe exhibition site, from different countries of the steel industry to communicate with each other.


                     Group General Manager and Dubai local cooperation company pictures taken.



                     The exhibition in the group from "high-quality, professional, science and technology, energy-saving" and so fully publicized the company


          And advocacy group "to strengthen technology research and development, build brand, the introduction of high-tech, promote energy-saving emission reduction" management philosophy. Fully demonstrated the company's product research and development capabilities and high-quality production capacity.

          Double - sided submer
          Three cloth four oil
          l290 Spiral steel pip
          L360 spiral steel pip
          q345b Spiral steel pi
          API Spiral steel pipe
          Cement mortar anti -
          Prefabricated polyure