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          Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes Group Co.,Ltd.

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          Cangzhou Spiral Pipe Group Co., Ltd. 2015 Annual General Mee
          Release date:2016-10-31

          Everyone, every employee, every colleague, every friend, every family has made their own blessings and wishes for this year in the new year of Golden Year. Borrow the occasion of the new welcome, Cang Lo Group held the annual meeting of the Year 2015, to meet the arrival of the new year. The following is the Cangzhou City Spiral Pipe Group Co., Ltd. 2015 Annual General Meeting of news reports.



          Cang Lo Group General Manager Sun Guozhi speech
                              Report of the General Manager of
              The staff, colleagues, friends, everyone, time flies, last year I do general manager of the work of the scene is also vivid, spring to winter is a year, as if yesterday. 2015 in the steel industry at home and abroad in the background of the grim situation, Cang Lo Group and its subsidiaries have made impressive results, both steel production and sales record breaking record, anti-corrosion products have also exceeded the record high, which is Cang Lo 22 years of history has never been the prosperity of the scene, in the Cangzhou pipe manufacturing industry is still well-deserved leader, as the general manager I am so proud of the results, but also their work throughout the year feel very pleased. Thanks to the hard work of all the staff in the past year, I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their support and for all those who have contributed to the progress and development of Cangluo. thank you all.
              Now I would like to all my colleagues in Cangzhou City Spiral Pipe Group Co., Ltd. 2015 annual general manager of the work report. Last year I gave you a lot of statistical data, with a number of intuitive description of the company throughout the year the work of the department, this year's work report in addition to the necessary data to review the company's work in 2015 to complete the work and the development of 2016 , I would like to highlight two themes, namely, "change" and "breakthrough", which is the company for all employees and the company's future strategic planning and outlook, is the company's 2016 one of the priorities.
              First of all, sales, sales of the Group in 2015, 16 sales and personal sales of steel products 218,779.998 tons, of which 211,665.233 tons of steel pipe production, the Association of steel 7114.765 tons, compared with 14 sales year-on-year growth of 30.44% over the company completed early Steel products, the basic sales target and has been very close to the breakthrough target, steel products in the proportion of carbon materials sales accounted for the largest proportion. Anti-corrosion products total sales of 782,251.6309 square meters, of which self-produced anti-corrosion products 694428.62 square meters, the Association of anti-corrosion products 87823.0109 square meters, 3PE products 488677.99 square meters, painting products 167203.36 square meters, insulation products 1380 meters, 38547.27 square meters within the coating products, 3PE and painting products The total sales volume increased by 27.27% over the same period of last year. The sales volume of 3PE products in the anticorrosive products was the fastest growing in terms of sales volume, and the sales volume of painting products declined from last year. The company throughout the year to participate in a number of projects in the bidding and market development, bidding Office of the total production of 78 copies of tenders in the South and North Water Transfer Project Handan segment, Cangzhou successful bid, and successively won the bid for the South and North Water Diversion Cangzhou extension Qixia City Engineering, as well as Tangshan Gas, Gaoping water supply, North China Petrochemical and other projects. Six sales divisions in 16 sales divisions completed sales targets for the pipe products segment, with eight sales volumes exceeding 10,000 tons. A total of seven sales department to complete the anti-corrosion products sector sales targets, eight sales of more than 30,000 square meters sales.
              Production, the company produced 212,727.95 tons of steel throughout the year, which Cangluo company production 122650.874 tons, Ssangyong production 90077.076 tons, the highest monthly production reached 24,000 tons, the highest single-unit single-month production reached 6500 tons. Over the completion of the company to develop the basic objectives of annual production of steel products, annual quality assessment indicators and material consumption indicators are better than last year. The second half of 2015 in the company's production sector to release the maximum capacity of the case, the pipe is still in short supply, it is difficult to meet the delivery requirements of all users, the company first attempt to use Dexin and Baolong two pipe plant as the company's busy production Supply manufacturers to provide raw materials and quality inspection technicians stationed in the factory supervision, and Cang products to ensure the same quality under the premise of meeting customer delivery requirements for the smooth production during the busy to provide a guarantee. Steel tube production workshop in the same industry experience from the same time self-developed multi-caliber steel degaussing equipment, a technological transformation not only for the company to save the cost, but also greatly solved the problem of remanence pipe. Cang Lo three workshops on the technological transformation of equipment has also played a significant effect, in order to improve the Cang Lo product manufacturing and equipment manufacturing capacity to provide more assurance. The company produced a total of 682,750.45 square meters of anti-corrosion products, including 3 PE products 473633.19 square meters, 3PE on the highest yield reached 61877.54 square meters, 170569.99 square meters of paint products, insulation products 1380 meters and the new production of plastic products 38547.27 square meters. 3PE and paint products close to the company's annual production of basic objectives. Oukai 3PE workshop using the size of the system and the production of two classes of busy schedule greatly improved the anti-corrosion capacity, post staff assessment also linked to the responsibility of management, cost control and material consumption has played a positive role.
              Purchasing Department for a total procurement of 212,307.067 tons coil. 960.324 tons of welding wire, 870 tons of flux. Preservative materials, 1289.7 tons of polyethylene PE material, copolymer adhesive 166.15 tons, 54 tons of epoxy powder, paint 155.524 tons. In the year of 2015, there was no production stoppage caused by raw material supply, which guaranteed the smooth operation of production throughout the year. The raw material warehouse and the hardware auxiliary storehouse were in good order, and the inventory did not show obvious errors. The overall situation was better than last year.
              In 2015, the Capital Construction Office did not have major infrastructure projects. No.5 workshop of the new factory was put into use in the second half of 15 years. The civil engineering and basic work of the No.4 workshop were finished. In September 2015, the inner coating production line was formally put into production. In 2015, the office implemented the dining card system management in Ssangyong factory area. At the same time, it strengthened the daily management of the restaurant. The company's license management, fuel card management and security management were also carried out in an orderly manner. The promotion of finished product library information is preliminary.
              The equipment safety technology department is a new department merged by the equipment department and the certification office in 2015. It is responsible for equipment, certification, safety, technology and other related work. A normalized equipment maintenance check record has been established. As of the end of December 2015, the equipment security department completed a total of 66 kinds of specifications of steel pipe technology development work and the South Water Transfer Project 26 sets of drawings dismantling work, the company passed the provincial high-tech enterprise review work, complete Oukai ISO standardization 3 system, special equipment manufacturing license and Cang Lo ISO standard 3 system update and certification. Plastic products of the provincial drinking water health permit approval document which is next year, Cang Lo's API certification update certification has been carried out preparatory work. Safety, the company did not appear serious work-related accidents throughout the year, but the security situation is still grim, the occurrence of several industrial accidents, the individual is more serious, given the safety work of the warning. Cang Lo safety standardization of three or two of the work is also being carried out.
              In addition to the daily management of the contract, the Department of 2015 assessment of the production indicators, production and sales targets, cost targets and profitability indicators tend to improve the assessment and constantly revised, the workshop production costs have varying degrees of reduction, part of the workshop Part of the monthly average monthly wage of more than 4000 yuan, the highest for the calendar year, the cost-effective to play the effect, and first of all benefit from front-line staff. Supervision work carried out steadily, the inspection team issued a monthly inspection of the joint notification, and violation of the company management system and attendance system departments and individuals to impose punishment. The joint Treasury, the finished product library for the receivable interest rate and not to mention the library to make up the difference between the price management is also in progress. In the year, the management system of the Company was perfected. In 2015, the new assessment system of the contract, the new cash payment system, the new receivable management system, the new regulations on the administration of work injury and the new regulations and many more. In addition, the South-North Water Diversion work continues, as of the end of December 2015, the Ministry of assessment completed a total of six sections of the South-to-North water transfer payments, declared 20298244.61 yuan.
              Looking back at 2015, steel production capacity surplus, the economy is facing greater downward pressure on the industry product market demand is reduced, iron and steel enterprises operating difficulties. We found that our sales not only did not reduce but has greatly improved, indicating that although the entire market demand is decreasing but the market space is still large, the existing market demand is still far greater than a region's production capacity, the key is to Demand for information to control and the development of the market, who can get market share, who is the winner. Over the past year, we know that the company set the sales target is not ambitious, our sales team has the strength and ability to do better, the fact has to prove. We know that through the release of production capacity, we can play a greater production potential. We also know that in the iron and steel industry, the background of meager profit margins, by expanding sales and production capacity, reduce material consumption and costs, companies can be effective in order to be competitive in order to remain invincible. We know that without the joint efforts of all staff, we can not achieve such results, we set goals can not be achieved, your hard work has not been in vain, on behalf of the company sincerely thank all the past year for the development of Cang Lo And progressive and hard-working employees. thank you all. 2015 we have made some achievements, but there are still many shortcomings, mentioned earlier, "change", it may be asked to ask whether the company 2016 to reform it? My answer is yes, everything in the world are constantly changing, the national criminal law are modified many times, and if a company can not advance with the times, timely and change is not competitive. Nevertheless, the need for Cang Lo changes are many, the first is the change in thinking, in June 2015 I have all the sales meeting, said the project, bidding project and the development of insulation plant sales The focus of the year 2015 data, the vast majority of our bulk orders are from the project, bidding projects and thermal insulation plant, sales staff to break the inherent thinking to actively participate in market development, to do Products become service, do not care about the early stage of investment, not to bother, it now appears that these changes to achieve the actual results. We encouraged salespeople to go out a few years ago and are still encouraging them, not only in terms of money and treatment, but also in support of people who are actively involved in marketing and project development. The second is the concept of change, we must break the lazy style of work, to believe that Qinnengbuzhuo, to believe that there must be paid to pay back, daydreaming dreams will not come true, the company has some employees do not The attitude of the work of the day when the monk hit the clock, low efficiency, lack of collaboration, do not want to pay more effort and bear more responsibility, spent all day in the dawdle, long-term existence of such a concept And style does not change, is bound to affect the company's future development. For this point the company will not give these people to survive the soil, the principle of more work will not change, the performance appraisal requirements will not change, the survival of the fittest, to reverse the work style determination will not change. The third is the change of mind, last year I have raised the goal we set is not a mirror in the water, the other pipe enterprises can do things we can do, as of mid-2015 to hold all sales meetings, the company There are more than ten million tons of sales is not completed, the average monthly 19,000 tons in order to achieve the goal. At that time, many business people did not mind at the end, it now appears that we can not only achieve the goal is also exceeded the target, our highest monthly sales of 24,000 tons or more, so we have a positive attitude, to maintain a strong self-confidence, but also to I believe others can do, they can do, have confidence in power, determined to have a strong. The company will become all the staff struggle on the strong backing of the journey.
               2016, the company developed the goal is to achieve production and sales of steel products to achieve the basic target of 220,000 tons, breaking the target 250,000 tons. 3PE products and painting products production and sales of the basic target of 700,000 square meters, a breakthrough goal to reach 750,000 square meters. Continue to maintain Cangzhou pipe industry's leading position. 2016 will become a milestone in the history of Cang Lo year, the Group in order to comply with the development trend of modern enterprises will rely on its own brand and financial advantages listed on the new three board to achieve social financing, the realization of Cang Lo sustainable development and benefit the whole Staff's mission. In addition, in 2016 the company's focus and work plan will be divided into the following areas:
          1. The company will be responsible for the implementation of manager and department heads responsibility system management, regular meetings held in charge of managers and department heads, the company leadership in the meeting immediately arranged for work and minutes of the meeting, the department managers and supervisors on-site discussion of solutions and implementation time. In accordance with the time, valuable, can make a commitment to assess requirements, the company in accordance with the minutes to supervise the work arrangements, and the implementation of the results into the department or individual assessment.
          2. In 2016, the Supervisory Team of the Company will continue to intensify supervision and ensure the effective implementation of the Company's rules and regulations.
          3. In 2016, the Company will fully support the development of engineering projects and bidding projects from the aspects of capital, resources and qualification, expand the incentive policies and treatment, and encourage more business personnel to go out and develop the market.
          4. According to the statistics of 2015, the proportion of carbon steel is the largest, the proportion of anticorrosive products 3PE is the largest. In 2016, the Company will actively expand the sales of pipeline steel and varieties of steel pipe products while maintaining the high sales volume of existing superior products. Of the market, the development of plastic products and thermal insulation products in the market, the company's diversified product development and product value-added profits.
          5. The company will further expand the export market, expand the types of foreign trade certification, participation in international influence of the exhibition, to strengthen foreign trade promotion, strengthening the construction of foreign trade team. The use of Terry Fengda company's trade nature, to promote the diversification of steel products sales and exports, in a spiral-based products, to encourage business people to use the company platform distribution and export of other steel products, the use of trade characteristics and advantages of the formation A variety of products of the invisible factory, enhance product profitability and value-added.
          6. The company has carried out the pilot project of informatization management of the finance department, the examination department and the finished product library on the contract, the warehousing and the cash collection. According to the implementation situation, in 2016, the information management will continue to expand to other departments.
          7. Financial work is essential to the company, the introduction of third-party personnel in 2015 audit system, to regulate the financial process has played a positive role. In 2016, the company will continue to strengthen the financial audit work to ensure that the financial work of the specification and accuracy. Organize and encourage financial personnel to carry out business knowledge learning and training, and further improve the level of financial daily work.
          8. The company's management staff to understand the importance of learning, do not rest on its laurels, short-sighted bottom of the frog. The company will continue to use third-party advisory body to strengthen the training of corporate managers, whichever is the essence of its dross, we do not have advanced management concepts, marketing concepts and development concepts for the company's sustainable development talent base and theory basis.
          9. The company attaches great importance to the power of publicity and brand value, in the new year through a variety of channels to strengthen corporate propaganda efforts to promote corporate image, so that more people know our business, know our products, Of the brand. As a production-oriented enterprises, quality and service is our lifeline, we strengthen the promotion at the same time to strengthen their own building, through excellent products and services shaping the brand's influence, the company will make more efforts in 2016.
          10. Human resources construction is the foundation of enterprise development and blood, in 2016 the company will increase the staff structure adjustment, strengthen the ladder training mechanism, to make the best use of the concept of talent to provide more development space and platform, Make enterprise team more dynamic, more efficient, and more knowledge content.
          11. In 2016 the company will be more perfect guidance of the production process, process parameters will be collected to cover all workshops. At the same time continue to establish and improve the quality certification and qualification system, improve the company in the same industry in the competitiveness. In addition the company will continue to strengthen safety education and safety management, to avoid the recurrence of production safety incidents.
               In 2016, the group company to achieve 3 breakthrough. The first point is the breakthrough of the business model, through the new three-board listing, the company absorbs social capital, to achieve market financing at the same time, open the coexistence of capital operation and physical plant operating mode, the enterprise will get more development resources, Get more financial support, the scale of enterprises will be even more powerful, you can truly realize the value of personal wealth of employees, reproduce the rich myth, to achieve a win-win situation for capital. The second point is a breakthrough in the management model, the company will continue to strengthen the responsibility to the people, assessment of people's management model, the introduction of competent managers and department heads responsibility system, making head on the index, everyone has the responsibility to stimulate staff potential , And vigorously enhance the implementation of enterprises and staff of the sense of responsibility to promote the principle of more work for the enterprise's competitiveness in the industry to provide more lasting protection. The third point is a breakthrough in performance, in 2015 we exceeded the previously established goals, the fact that our sales team is capable and combat effectiveness, but still there are a lot of potential did not play, we have only half of the sales Million tons mark, I have always believed that all business people have the ability to do better, as long as we make unremitting efforts, 2016 we will be able to achieve better results, we can achieve a higher breakthrough!
              Employees, colleagues, friends, busy 2015 years have passed, the new quietly arrived in 2016, Cang Lo Group, accompanied by all the staff has gone through 22 years, just the past year is Cang Lo sweat Year of the struggle, 2016 new challenges in turn, the new year will be a year to change the fate of Cang Lo, Cang Lo is also bound to be a brilliant year, we believe that as long as all the staff work together, , Unremitting struggle, our goal will be achieved, the dream of evergreen enterprise will certainly be achieved, Cang Lo Group will also usher in a more beautiful and more brilliant tomorrow!
                                                         General Manager: Sun Guozhi
                                                         January 19, 2016


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          The lively as if the Spring Festival is still in sight, the new journey has been kicked off. Cang Lo group of people in 2016 to work together, round Cang Lo dream!

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