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          Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes Group Co.,Ltd.

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          Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd
          Release date:2016-11-01
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          1994 construction, for the spiral pipe plant in Cangzhou City;
          In 1998, launched the first double-sided submerged arc welding machine, September 18, 1999 put into operation;
          In 2000, by the Cangzhou City, spiral steel pipe plant changed to Cangzhou City, spiral steel pipe limited liability company restructuring for the joint-stock company;
          In 2002, 219-630 small SAW production lines were put into operation in the second workshop.
          In July 2002, Cangzhou City God Island plastic pipe limited liability company was established;
          2004, submerged arc welding workshop 219-529 production line;
          2005, high-frequency welding production line for technological transformation;
          In 2007, thick-wall submerged arc welding machine group put into operation;
          In 2009, three large-caliber thick-wall plant production line, diameter 509-3500mm thickness of 25mm;
          In June 2010, Cangzhou Tairui Fengda International Trade Co., Ltd. was established; & nbsp;

          By the end of August 2010, the first plant on the 1st workshop of Ssangyong Company was installed and commissioned, and it was officially put into production in September. The second unit was completed and installed at the end of December.

          October 2010, Cangzhou City, spiral steel pipe limited liability company Laiwu Branch was established;
          December 2010, Oukai pipeline anti-corrosion insulation engineering limited liability company's 3PE anti-corrosion production line officially put into production;
          May 2011, Ssangyong Steel Tube Co., Ltd. on the 2nd workshop all welding equipment installation debugging;
          The end of December 2012, the establishment of Inner Mongolia is the source of steel pipe manufacturing limited liability company;
          In October 2013, Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. was registered as Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd. officially became a group company with 5 subsidiary companies.
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          L360 spiral steel pip
          Prefabricated polyure
          Double - sided submer
          l290 Spiral steel pip
          API Spiral steel pipe
          Cement mortar anti -
          q345b Spiral steel pi
          Three cloth four oil