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          Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes Group Co.,Ltd.

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          Ф219~2420mm Spiral steel pipes
          Release date:2016-11-07

          Ф219~2420mm Spiral steel pipes

          Product number: PRO_208
          Product Name: Spiral steel pipe
          Specifications: Ф219 ~ 2420mm
          product manual:
          1, Product introduction
          Twin-wire, double-sided submerged arc welding Spiral steel pipe is a method in which an arc is welded under a flux layer by using heat generated by arc welding between a wire and a flux under a flux layer to melt a wire filler metal and a base metal.
          2, features
          The main features of the product is double-sided submerged arc welding, not only the deposition rate is high, and has deep melting capacity; Second, the arc and welding area is well protected, good quality weld, compactness, and weld appearance Smooth, able to meet the various performance requirements of the weld.
          3, the implementation of standards and product use
          This product carries out SY / T5037-2000, GB / T9711.1-97, API Spec 5L standards, mainly used in petroleum, gas, natural gas, water pipelines, thermal power and other common fluid engineering.
          4, product specifications
          Ф219 ~ 2420mm, wall thickness of 5 ~ 20mm.
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