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          Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes Group Co.,Ltd.

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          L245 spiral steel pipe, LSAW spiral steel pipe
          Release date:2016-11-07

          (LSAW double-sided submerged arc spiral steel pipe) is a professional production of LSAW double-sided submerged arc welding spiral pipe production plant.
          The company has a spiral welded pipe (spiral steel pipe) production line, can produce spiral welded pipe applications SY / T5037-2000, GB / T9711.1-1997, GB / T9711.2-1999 specifications and APISpec5L standard production 219-3000mmX5-30mm, Q235, L245 , X42-X70 steel grade spiral welded pipe with different wall thickness, spiral welded pipe material is Q235A Q235B Q235C Q345B 10 # steel 20 # steel 16Mn. The company has advanced X-ray industry, on-line detection of television, ultrasonic on-line flaw detection, magnetic particle testing, water pressure, and other equipment to complete the detection equipment to undertake export length steel pipe.
          The company sells spiral welded pipe, a large number of supply spiral welded pipe, the company has produced φ219-φ3500mm, the thickness of up to 25.4mm, the spiral pipe.
          Product quality have reached: API-5L, GB / T9711.1-1997, CJ / T3022-93, SY / T5037-2000 standard requirements;
          The company's spiral pipe with the physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance, high impact strength, fluid resistance, anti-aging, long service life of the company's spiral pipe for the water supply, sewage disposal, natural gas transportation construction projects; , Light and durable features. Spiral pipe is widely used in municipal, construction and mining three major market areas.
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