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          Single layer fused epoxy powder corrosion - resistant steel
          Release date:2016-11-07

          Single layer fused epoxy powder corrosion - resistant steel pipe
          Fused epoxy powder coating referred to FBE, FBE outer coating is a film structure.
          The outer surface of steel pipe shall be sprayed (cast) with the grade of Sa2.5 as specified in GB / T 8923. The depth of the surface of the steel pipe shall be in the range of 40 ~ And should monitor the temperature of the outer surface of the steel pipe immediately before the epoxy powder coating, and control the temperature within the recommended range of the powder manufacturer, but the maximum shall not exceed 275 ℃.
          Repairing of Single Layer Fused Epoxy Powder Anticorrosion
          When defects are found on the FBE pipe, all the rust, scale, cracks, dirt and other impurities and loose coating of the defective parts should be removed. The defective parts shall be polished to a rough surface, and the dust shall be removed with a dry cloth or brush. Clean, with two-component liquid epoxy resin coating for local repair.

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