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        1. Steel pipe cement mortar lining corrosion
          Release date:2016-11-07

          Steel pipe cement mortar lining corrosion
          Steel pipe cement mortar lining is the use of more anti-corrosion pipe, its structure is a mixture of cement, sand and water (cement mortar) as an anti-corrosion coating for processing production. Usually with 1 cement and 3 sand often with the cement mortar, so in fact ignore the water composition, generally about the proportion of 0.6 in the construction project, the cement mortar is mainly used for foundation and wall masonry, Used as a block of masonry materials, adhesives, such as puzzle stone, red brick to use cement mortar, and then there is in the indoor and outdoor plaster will be used.
          Steel pipe cement mortar lining in use to improve its workability and viscosity, but also often mixed with some micro-foam agent, waterproof powder and other additives. , The concrete is cement mortar in proportion to join the stone. The strength of cement mortar refers to a value of the total distribution of compressive strength measured on a 28-day-old cube specimen prepared and maintained in accordance with the standard test method.
          Steel pipe cement mortar lining because the steel pipe filled with concrete, can absorb large amounts of heat, so when subjected to fire column cross-section temperature field distribution is uneven, increasing the column refractory time, slow down the steel column heating rate, and once the steel Column yield, concrete can withstand most of the axial load, to prevent the collapse of the structure. The fire resistance of the composite beam will also increase as the temperature of the steel beam will reduce the heat transfer from the top flange to the concrete. The experimental statistics show that: to achieve a fire-resistant requirements and 3 hours compared to the steel column can save fire-resistant coating 1/3 a 2/3 or more, with the pipe diameter increases, save more paint.

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