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          China's spiral steel pipe exports will further increase the
          Release date:2016-10-31
          Seeing foreign waving anti-dumping stick, and domestic steel prices are also difficult to have obvious improvement, the Chinese government departments began to plan for the spiral steel industry introduced "vicious competition" punishment mechanism.
          China Steel Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Steel Association") was informed that, at present, the country is the cost of spiral steel pipe industry research, once the cost price to determine, will be deliberately lower than the cost of sales of steel Enterprises and other penalties for exposure.
          "Steel enterprises really want to vicious competition for governance," China Steel Association executive vice president Zhu Jimin confirmed to the Beijing Commercial Daily, "in the whole industry is very difficult to operate when individual enterprises blindly go to low-cost sales, in violation of the value Laws, but also disrupted the industry order.Future industry will introduce cost standards, sales of less than the cost of illegal enterprises to implement regular blacklist and other penalties.
          According to reports, the vicious competition is stepping up the development of the method, and how to determine the steel prices are illegal sales of low-key become a key. "The current cost of steel prices are being set, but there are no small difficulties, because the cost of a great change every month, the cost of the difficulty of calculation can be imagined." Zhu Jimin said.
          China Steel Association frankly, in the case of limited market demand growth, spiral pipe production increased significantly, so that the spiral steel pipe market price oversupply contradiction further intensified competition among enterprises, especially product homogenization of competition is more intense.
          According to the latest statistical report of the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter to get into the 2013, has been the European Union, the United States, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, India and other countries on China's steel prices, exports initiated anti-dumping, countervailing investigation And trade protection, the first quarter of this year there are more than a dozen cases, especially the ASEAN countries, the recent strong reaction, China's spiral steel pipe exports will further increase the difficulty.
          However, despite the spiral steel pipe industry is facing internal and external problems, but the industry for the future introduction of the "vicious competition" punishment approach is not very good. "In the industry downturn, the steel prices are mostly in order to reduce inventory pressure, forced to sell at below cost, I think this is a market behavior.Therefore, the spiral steel industry 'vicious competition' decision is not easy, Not to mention the punishment. "A senior who declined to be named in the industry told reporters.
          On the other hand, the person also pointed out that the state has anti-unfair competition law, vicious competition for trade associations should have no right to punishment, if only to publish the blacklist, its deterrent effect is extremely limited. Moreover, in accordance with other industries promulgated the vicious competition penalties approach, mostly small thunder. Overall, the spiral steel prices enterprise "high cost, low profit" situation is difficult to change in the short term. The industry in order to ride out the storm may ultimately rely on the full market competition, the fittest to adjust.
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