Steps For More Creativity

            Whether you’re a creative career field, or you’re just someone who enjoys the arts and doing art yourself in your spare time, it may be difficult when you hit a roadblock of creativity. Hitting an intense creative block can be even worse when it comes to art, especially in the beginning, because it can take a big section of motivation out of the game for you. This can be incredibly daunting, and you may either end up giving up your hobby completely, or losing money in your field. Whatever the case, it’s important to get back on the production bus, so keep reading for awesome tips on how you can do just that.

The first thing you should notice when you’re looking to step up your creative endeavors is to try and understand what is holding you back. When it comes to creative output, a lot of people tend to end up having a reason that they aren’t doing as well as they want when it comes to the amount of production they are doing if they think about it deeply enough. There are usually reasons involving comparing yourself to other people, or even your last piece not doing so well. These are all incredibly important in the mechanisms in play, and it’s important to analyze your art in the scope of what you are doing and what you want to do, but it’s also important to make sure that you’re constantly doing something. Even if you are not creating pieces that you love yourself, you should always be working on something to not only improve for the future, but to also give yourself that creative edge and input.

            The next thing you should concentrate on when it comes to your creative work is to make sure that you have time allotted to doing work. If you aren’t spending time solely concentrating on your work, you’re wasting time, unless you are working in a different field, etc, etc. It’s important to set aside time to do creative work because this is where you’ll grow far more often. If you’re finding it difficult to put anything down on paper, it may be a good idea to step up your creativity by being not very creative at all. You can either do master studies, which is doing reproductions of very famous art, so that you can learn about the process and the details of creating beautiful works, or you can follow a tutorial online or on Youtube, which will give you some knowledge that you can use in the future.

            Lastly, if you’re still having huge creative blocks it’s an excellent idea to get creative insight from other pieces of art or kinds of art. This means that you can listen to an album and paint or draw while you do it, or write what comes up in your head while you’re reading a book. This is an excellent way to get reference, because you’re driving up the ideas that are already there but from your head and into reality. You can also get inspiration from clothing stores like Nine West, and think of ways that you can input color schemes or outfit choices into a different context.